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2018 4th Grade Flag Football Champions

Congratulations to the Holt Jr Indians for winning first place in the 2018 flag championship game.

Congratulations to the second place team, Fort Zumwalt West Jr Jaguars!

Jr GAC Youth Football League History

The Junior GAC

football league officially started on December 14, 2012 by the ten charter member clubs (i.e., Fort Zumwalt North, South, East, and West, along with Timberland, Holt, Francis Howell, Francis Howell North and Francis Howell Central) located in the St. Charles County metro area. Prior to the formation of the Jr. GAC football league, a majority of the feeder football clubs in St. Charles County were members of the Suburban West Jr. Football League, which consisted of schools in both St. Louis and St. Charles counties. After many years of participation in the Suburban West League, several St. Charles County public school coordinators believed that a new junior football league should be created to mirror the high school Gateway Athletic Conference and to also provide better representation for the feeder teams in the St. Charles County. In early 2012, Fort Zumwalt South Coordinator, John Wiemann, organized a meeting with all the St. Charles County feeder football coordinators to discuss the idea of leaving the Suburban West League. After several meetings, ten feeder teams in St. Charles County agreed to form a new league named the Junior GAC. The new board of directors elected Dan Femmer of Fort Zumwalt East to become its first President. In addition, John Wiemann of Fort Zumwalt South was elected as Vice President, Brent Gossett of Francis Howell North as Secretary and Doug Brown of Fort Zumwalt West as Treasurer. Since its formation, the league has created a logo, website, and extensive league rules. The board meets on a regular basis and is actively pursuing efforts to market the league throughout St. Charles County. It is the goal of the organization to provide a structure where youth football clubs that serve as high school feeder programs can compete in a safe, healthy, and good sportsman-like environment and to be the premier junior football league for grades 5th through 8th.

FLAG FOOTBALL is an excellent way to introduce players to the fundamentals of the of football in a limited to no contact environment.


is an excellent way to introduce players to the fundamentals of the of football in a limited to no contact environment. Our teams play a 7 on 7 format using a reduced sized field. On teams consist of 8 to 15 players so that there is significant playing time for all players. Players of all skills and experience are welcome.

  • Wentzville Holt Junior Indians
  • Francis Howell Central Junior Spartan
  • Francis Howell North Junior Knights
  • Francis Howell Junior Vikings
  • Fort Zumwalt East Junior Lions
  • Fort Zumwalt North Junior Panthers
  • Fort Zumwalt South Junior Bulldogs
  • Fort Zumwalt West Junior Jaguars
  • Wentzville Timberland Junior Wolves
  • Wentzville Liberty Junior Eagles
  • Washington Junior Blue Jays
  • Warrenton Junior Warriors
  • Troy Junior Trojans/Titans

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How many nights per week will my team practice?
    A. Each program participating in our flag football league will have different practice schedules, and that program should be contacted; however, programs typically practice just once a week with most programs opting to have only a one hour practice before the Sunday game.
  • Q. What day are the games?
    A. All games will be on Sunday afternoon.
  • Q. Where are the games played?
    A. Games will be played on the Fort Zumwalt turf fields, and will alternate between Frot Zumwalt West, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South and Fort Zumwalt East.
  • Q. What equipment will I need to provide?
    A. Each participant will be required to have a jersey (typically provided by the participating program), and a mouthpiece.
  • Q. Why do you say “limited contact” instead of “no contact” isn’t this flag?
    Flag football is like baseball, soccer, or basketball where contact is by-product of competition and not intentional.
  • When do the games start?
    A. The first game will be end of March running six weeks with no games the weekend of Easter.

2017 Flag Rules

Announcing, Junior GAC Flag Football: The Junior GAC Continues To Grow flag Football League In St. Charles County!

Announcing, Junior GAC Flag Football: The Junior GAC continues to grow flag football league to more than 40 teams in 2017! That equals nearly 700 youth from St. Charles and Lincoln County who participated.

The Junior GAC also has a flag flootball league that provides quality flag football to youth in grades 4th thru 8th. Our member programs are the same St. Charles and Lincoln County youth football programs that feed into their respective high school football programs. Our programs use the flag football session to further teach the “high school” system and share the common goal–to expose youth to their high school football program terminology, offensive and defensive plays and to have them prepared to contribute to their respective progams on day one of their freshman year.