Participant Eligibility

League members agree to only roster players who reside in their respective high school attendance areas and/or players who attend their district schools. Players that attend a private school, but reside within a particular school district are eligible to participate in the league; however, they are not permitted to play on both the private school and public school teams.

Age Requirements:

    • 6th Grade – player cannot turn 13 before July 1st
    • 7th Grade – player cannot turn 14 before July 1st
    • 8th Grade – player cannot turn 15 before July 1st

An ineligible participant is:

    • Any player who does not reside in a member organization school district boundaries.
    • Any player that is over the age limit of the league.
    • Any Unregistered player with the league.
    • Any player on official discipline by the League, or otherwise declared ineligible by the League.
    • Any Player who has moved to another member organization school district but has NOT had an official League release form signed and approved by the League.
    • Any player participating in another football program: A player may not participate on any other middle school, private or charter school football team.
    • Any player determined by the LEAGUE Executive Board not to be currently attending school: A child, not currently enrolled in school shall not be deemed ineligible until it is determined by the LEAGUE that he is not currently attending school. Players that are homeschooled are eligible to play.